124- Intimacy: The Mirror


The concept of intimacy has been coming up a lot in my life and in my therapy lately. Back in June, I was experiencing some amazing intimacy, and I felt that instead of losing myself in this person, I was … Continue reading


118- Breaking the Cycle- Rock The Boat Already!


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Are you expressing your true feelings? When someone asks you how you are, do you tell them the truth? When your partner or close friend asks if you are okay, and you shrug it off and say, “yes,” are you … Continue reading



Our feelings toward others are not based in circumstance.
Rather, they reflect our feelings toward our own selves.
Our perception of our world is what it reflects back to us.
If you feel anger or shame, look inside, and
approach your Self with Love and Compassion.
We can only heal from the inside out. ~Amy Baker


114- Through The Window

Walking holograms

Like the guards at the Queen of Heart’s castle,

They walk.

Flickering holograms, transparent to those who see.

Different from each of infinite angles.

Windows, the view through clouded by our own reflections.

A bright hologram, a window I can see through,

my beloved.

Where only I exist, where I meet the Beloved

In bliss, joy, boundless Love.

And windows get dirty, clouded by our own projections

And it is hard for others to see through

To meet the Beloved with you

In that space through the hologram, beyond the window.


113- You Cannot Drown In LOVE

Another inspired by a Facebook post. Original quote:

“Reason is powerless in the expression of LOVE.”
Rumi….. ♥

My thoughts:

Love is not rational. Love flows. What a wonderful way of being, to remember life is not black and white.
To try and rationalize “what is love” or “is this love” puts a damper on the true expression.
Flow with it. Let it sweep you away like the currents, and surrender to the beauty. You cannot drown in Love. ~Amy Baker


108- My own best friend


The days are going by faster than they used to, and I feel like I get less done. I find myself spending too much time and energy wanting what was, too much time and energy wanting, period. My gratitude has … Continue reading


105- So Full

I am full, oh so full

But not uncomfortably so.

No need to loosen my pants,

No indigestion.

Just a filling up of my heart

Letting out a sigh of relief

From the fullness of our steaming cup of love.

We sip together, nose to nose,

or separately, alternating between offering and receiving.

Settling in, digesting all the goodness.

My cup runneth over.


101- Allow Divine Love

Question reality, yes, but to question joy and love invalidates it.

That which our hearts and souls know is right and divine need not be questioned.

Asking if the elation of love is real is like asking if we are having fun.

Well, we were until you asked!

Doubting divine beauty and truth and love in your life negates and invalidates it.

By allowing it into you and not questioning, you cease to project fears, doubts, perceptions, and simply KNOW, simply BE love and beauty and light.

When you question it, you are only questioning whether you are worthy of this joy. Does it make your heart sing and the world brighter? Then embrace it, embrace the people you share it with.

You deserve divine love.


97- Saying Yes

Denying your Self helps no one, and makes it harder to help others.
By giving ourselves the love and care we need first, we set a positive example that empowers others to do the same for themselves.


94- Recognizing The Chameleon


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There is no such thing as coincidence. Yesterday, I was feeling very much influenced by others. My attention and heart were pulled all over, thoughts boiling up and popping around like popcorn in my head. I found myself trying to … Continue reading