5- Diving Off That Cliff Seemed The Best Thing To Do

 I want to let you in on a little secret. There are no problems. Problems just mean the world isn’t turning out the way you want it to.
Everything is unfolding as it should.   –Robert Adams

My first post was born out of intense anxiety mixed with excitement of the unknown. With three weeks to find income, and no way to get a break on rent or bills, I was lost. My head was spinning with every possible outcome.

Bankruptcy? Homelessness? Move to the mainland? Ok, but where? Perhaps I could get a smaller place, sell my fancy mountain bike I never use, and on and on.I reached out to friends hoping that something would come of throwing my net as wide as possible. One thing I had learned in the past couple of years was how to ask for help.

On the other hand, those who correctly perceive
The essential as essential
And the nonessential as nonessential
Will, in feeding on right thoughts,
Attain the essential.
-Dhammapada 1:12

In the midst of this fear, I knew it was a chance to take a dive, to see how deep that water really is. It was a step away from what was helping me out and at the same time holding me back by not forcing me to make a career choice. It only took two days to know in my heart that I had to stay in my home and charge ahead with my business.

As soon as I stopped searching outside myself for solutions and decided what I had to do, opportunities started presenting themselves.

  • I found a way to stay in my home, and it helps my landlord out too!
  • By filing unemployment, I actually found more job postings than ever before through HireNet.
  • A friend of mine contacted me because he had a dream about me, and in the same conversation he mentioned his dad could use help with his medications. Right there, I got my first patient!
  • Within a couple of hours of getting my first patient, I received a call from a temp agency about a contract job on the island.

To me, this shows that I am headed where I need to be going. Wonderful things are happening at breakneck speed, and I am excited about it all!

The *essential* is what your heart tells you (sometimes screams at you) to do. We just need to stop reaching outside of ourselves by slowing down and focusing on what really matters, which is that which makes your heart sing.


**Thanks to Peter Liu for his encouraging comments today and for supporting so many bloggers. Peter Liu, you rock!