7- Blog In The Raw

Priorities are hard to juggle, which is why I prefer not to juggle them. It’s only when you over-commit that you end up in a situation where you might just drop the ball, or two, or three….

I try my hardest to not commit to something unless I am positive I can follow through on the appointment or the project, event, etc. Some people may see me as non-committal on some things, but I am willing to take that risk.

Unfortunately, I am human, and I occasionally get carried away. Today, I had to cancel two appointments. I had double booked part of my afternoon and realized I was spreading myself thin. Even after rescheduling both appointments, I was nervous about going to group session tonight. I just have too much to do, and I didn’t feel I had the emotional bandwidth to handle processing anything tonight.

I headed home from my meeting, figuring I could use the three hours I would be in session to catch up on my website, documentation, marketing, etc., and then I cracked. Within a 2-minute span, I had convinced myself to go home, justified it with several reasons, cracked at the seams at a stoplight and decided that maybe I did need to go to session.

I made a conscious decision to take care of myself, despite the voice in my head saying “Do! Do! DO!”

And now, at midnight, I am making the conscious choice to get some sleep, even though this post could use some editing. Here you go, blog in the raw.