16- Do You Trust Yourself?

You will reap the fruit of whatever cause you plant now.  Why do we suffer so much now?  It’s because in the distant past we didn’t cultivate enough good roots.  That’s why we have so many misfortunes and disappointments now.  We try hard to be good to people but they misunderstand us or deliberately test us.  When that kind of thing happens, return the light and look within.
(Spring Sun, Lotus Flower Pg 111)

Some periods of your life will test you. Sometimes, no matter how compassionate, respectful, and honest you are, people will doubt you, mistrust you, and manipulate you. Some say that “God only gives us what we can handle,” and to take it as a compliment. Other people say it is karma rearing its ugly head. I believe it’s a lesson to be learned, a beautiful opportunity to grow past an obstacle.

If we don’t learn the lesson in each adversity, we run the risk of experiencing the pain over and over again. In order to understand how to respond in stressful situations, one needs to turn inside to his heart.

My counselor talks about people in our lives being reflections of ourselves. When others are acting mistrusting, look inside. Do you trust yourself? Are you doubting yourself? Are you being completely transparent in your personal and business interactions?

As much as I want to turn off the lights and crawl into a hole with all that is flying at me lately, I know that it is time to shine the light within, to stoke the fire of passion. I am being tested, and I will rise to the occasion, sure of myself in the face of their doubt, for their doubt of me is only a projection of their own self-doubt.

And in standing in the face of adversity, I will prevail only through compassion, humility and gratitude. When I can respond to my adversaries with compassion and gratitude, knowing my response is coming from my heart and not my ego, then I am ready to face the challenge. I am ready to move beyond and grow.