44- Passionate Curiosity

I was sitting down to write this blog last night, when my roommate and I engaged in conversation. Part of me really wanted to get the blog written for the day and Accomplish my goal of keeping on track. The other part of me knew that the conversation was good, and that I only had a couple more weeks during which I would be living with him.

The people in our life are so much more important than the little daily things. Yes, one needs goals. Yes, it is important to not lose sight of yourself and give up your goals. BUT, it is also important to stay in the flow of life and to trust yourself to do the right thing at the right time. I listened to my gut, and I hadn’t really come up with a good blog. I really wasn’t feeling it anyway.

What perfect timing for a conversation about life! Plus, I learned about the first sustainable sushi restaurant, and about True Mirror, which got my mind going on those questions in life that are rooted in passionate curiosity.

So, instead of closing in and focusing only on an insignificant task that wasn’t really happening naturally anyway, I went with the flow and opened up my mind with someone.

I am daily trusting in the process of the gentle unfolding of life.