57- What to do in the face of face eating zombies

I read today in a pharmacy update about “face eating zombies” in Miami. If you haven’t heard, here is one story. Here is an even better commentary.

My first instinct was to stand up from my computer, go knock on my daughter’s door, and make sure she knew the power of these drugs. Children are so vulnerable, especially teens looking to get away from their parents. Of course, she knew about it before me. Thankfully.

Then I read a blog entry about maintaining balance in these crazy times. At first, I thought about the fact that in the midst of my moving, I have not had a balanced diet, sleep or exercise schedule.

Either I go too hard or too easy, not eating enough during the day and then overeating at night, not exercising regularly, then running a dog daily on the beach for a week.

Oh, but you passionate people may say that you can’t fit it all in! That’s where moderation is key. I am learning to accept that I am not working out 10+ hours/week, sitting on multiple committees, shuttling my daughter all over the island, and essentially striving for that A+ in EVERYTHING I do.

Part of me aches to be motivated like that again, another part of me realizes that I am more pleasant to be around and have time to be aware of my actions and of the people in my life. My drive for achievement was not completely based in my heart.

When I was overachieving all the time, I didn’t leave room for me in my own life, so I wasn’t able to make room for others.

I can’t fix the problems of the world, but by slowing down and cultivating compassion for myself, I am able to have more compassion for others. I don’t need to fix them. That’s their job, but if they don’t receive love (and some can’t receive love….yet), they can’t heal themselves.

Through healing myself, I allow the healing of others.