62- In Rhythm

I think my body has been screaming at me, but not sure what it is saying. My heel kills me when I haven’t been standing for a while, or when I stand too long. My lower back always hurts, and I have sciatica on both sides, as well as a right hip that just plain aches.

I haven’t been as active, so perhaps that is it, but then I recently jogged, so maybe that’s it? I can’t tell, but I know it hurts to move too much. Regardless, I was drawn to go to The Studio Maui tonight. Not only was the 5 Rhythms class going on during the finish of the transit of Venus, but the studio may close. Plus, I love to move.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would be able to move, but I made my way up with No Expectations. I hit up Maui Kombucha first, where I got a nice little buzz from their Blu Jazz kombucha. The people were so cool (and Satya who served up my beverage was not so hard on the eyes either), and the music was so chill, I almost didn’t go dance. How could I not with that great buzz going though?

The room was not as packed as I am used to, but it had the usual suspects, gradually getting into their bodies. It didn’t take long to get moving, surprisingly, and I found myself undulating, gliding, twirling, skipping, hand-standing, and any number of things that my body felt like doing. One of the things I love about this “class” is that it is a safe space to move however you want.

You are not expected to do anything or be any certain way.

I think that was critical in my reaching a point of emotional release. For a short while, I was, in my movement, pushing away negative energies in my life, sweeping them to the side, pushing them behind me. In place of that, I opened my arms wide and drew in what I wanted. My hands came together in prayer, my heart opened to the sky, and I bent, and bent, and bent back, surrendering to the opening.

Freedom to be myself allowed emotions to arise and be expressed safely, and the movement that came from that freedom was healing.

Lesson: Follow your heart to where your heart is supported. Give your heart the love it needs, and the body will follow.