72- Beach Dancing

Tonight I tried something new!

My friend Joel called me up and told me about this lady who gathers a group of people on the beach, gives each of them an iPod shuffle with a preset playlist, has everyone hit Play at the same time, and unleashes them!

I danced at the beach, with the water lapping at my feet, wind blowing across me, around me, through me. My sarong and hair billowing, a living, dancing prayer flag for loving our body, our earth, and our souls through movement.

Yes, at times I went deep, but I also played. Hallelujah for playtime! It’s not only for children, folks! The only person stopping you from skipping, cartwheeling, spinning and soaring is YOU! Get out of your own way, and come join us on the beach.

BeachDance.com is where you find the information on Lisa and when her next gathering is. This was my first time, but certainly not my last!