85- How do you fill up?

I have been feeling very full in my belly lately, which makes it hard to feel hunger. I talked to my therapist about it, and she pointed out all of the extremely emotional events I had been through that week, and it made total sense.

I was full of emotion! Literally, I was “up to here” with it all! I felt sick whenever I ate.

A couple of weeks later, I spoke with my beloved about my prior encounters with men. Too often when a man I was physically intimate with and I parted for the night, I found myself eating, filling up the void. I think many women do this, and it’s a sign that their needs are not being met, either by themselves or by their partners. With my beloved, I did not have that need.

I was full of love and contentment. My heart was full and overflowing with love to share with all I encountered.

Part of my therapy is mindful eating, and it’s oh so telling. Jokes of women crying over pints of ice cream are not funny. Food can be numbing, especially sugary foods. They can be used just like alcohol or drugs. Food is often used to literally stuff down emotions that need to come out.

When you eat because you are emotional, you are stuffing down emotions that need an outlet.

Some people literally starve their emotions and stop eating, or eat very little. When the body is not nourished properly, emotions are not fully felt. A woman living in today’s male dominated, logical, linear society can “function” in that world if she can “control” her emotions. What a disaster to starve the beautiful feminine soul!

Emotional? Find a constructive way to let it out. Feeling lonely? Love yourself. Don’t go for the ice cream or bread or pasta or booze. Reach for a nice tea, a bubble bath with candles, a good book, the phone to talk to a friend.

Feeling starved for attention? Don’t starve yourself to get it! Nourish yourself the way you deserve. Feed your brain.

Surround yourself with loving people that light up your life and support you without wanting anything from you.

CHOOSE how you fill up and what you fill yourself up with. Let go of what is not serving you and fill up with loving kindness. You deserve only the best!

Namaste, my friend.