91- Re- Lation- Ship

I spoke with my mind-body therapist yesterday about all the wonderful things in my life lately and some of the feelings coming up for me. We touched on the pulsation in relationship, the undulation of opening and closing. Just like the flowers close at night to protect themselves from loss of moisture, so too do we open and close in a rhythm in relationship to each other and to the world.

As wonderful as it is to be open to the Divine in the world and in each other, there must be time to integrate.

A fun new practice of mine is to break down words into their parts. So, what is Relationship broken down?

“re-“– again; back, backward

“lation”– action of bringing or proposing; transportation; conveyance

“-ation” – creation, civilization, automation, speculation, information

“-ship” – a native English suffix of nouns denoting condition, character, office, skill, etc.

Starting with the end of the word, our relationships reflect our condition, our character, our skills. The act of relating is a skill in itself. How we relate at any given moment with any given person (including our Self), animal, element, or concept depends highly on our character, and then on our current condition.

When I ponder “lation”, I can see relationship as a vehicle to bring forth that which lies deep inside of us. My recent experiences in relationship have brought forth my God-self. And with that pulling out of my innermost essence, along with bringing forth that beauty, I am forced to deal with the mind, the past, that somehow swirls around that center.

Each time something comes up, it becomes easier to handle, easier to recognize, easier to not embody the words of the mind.

Returning, again and again, to that stillness, to the space where Divine souls meet and dance.

Spinning out, falling in, breathing in, breathing out.

Every relationship is our mirror, whether self, friend, lover, flower or spirit. Our interconnectedness paves the path to our inner voice, and there love lives, blossoms, spreads, thrives.

A condition, an experience, of meeting our higher selves, renewed again and again, moment to moment.