96- Rephrasing your Need To DO

As I become more the observer of myself, I find myself saying that I NEED to do this or that, and yet it doesn’t get done before other priorities in my life. Procrastination, for whatever reason, has frozen me into not taking care of these thihgs.

Always having that item on your list of TO DO’s is stressful and causes unnecessary anxiety.

Realizing I was doing this to myself, I decided to write down what I keep saying I NEED to do. As soon as I had a few statements, I questioned the effect of the wording and began to rephrase my “I Need to” statements. It went something like this:

Contact Mr. SoAndSo—– Make a commitment

Organize my business—- Create my offering

Figure out what I want to do—–Uncover my passion

Find a job—– Make a job

Find a place to live—— Enjoy living

I only just started, but I am excited to carry this approach over into other parts of my thinking and create more affirmations in my life!