99- Wisdom in the Flow

I have noticed that my postings have become more sporadic, and they aren’t the forced daily postings I had before. I love posting, and I often have too many ideas to flesh out, so when nighttime comes, I am too tired or the ideas aren’t as fresh as I would like.

Part of my work is not forcing things, not judging myself for not sticking to certain limitations set on myself. Rather, I choose to go with the flow. It takes time to see what comes up, to truly be present with yourself, weed out the thoughts of what others may think, and just simply do what is right for you at that moment.

Wisdom is doing what is right in the moment.

This quote came up in one of my counseling sessions, and it makes so much sense. Wisdom has not so much to do with how much experience we have, but rather being consciously in the moment and acting on what is right. We associate it with age and experience mostly because it takes time and experience to weed out all of that which doesn’t serve you. It takes de-conditioning to hone in on what is truly important.

In meditation this morning, I found myself acutely aware of when others entered my mind, and when I came back to my body. When it comes down to it, everything must originate first in my body, which never lies. The mind is a trickster.

Before you act, think of what is motivating you. Is it guilt or shame? That is someone else’s influence in your head. Is it joy? Is it grief? Don’t judge it. Let it happen.

Honor your self.

Let go of preconceived ideas of yourself and how you think you are perceived. All that matters is how you FEEL, and all else stems from the understanding of that.