146- I am Engaged to My Self

September 25th, I remembered some events in my past that had a profound effect on me. With that memory, and the current commitment to be more intimate with myself, came the remembrance of my engagement to myself on October 17, 2009.

I find it interesting that I am coming out of an emotionally challenging period of my life and recommitting to myself around the same time of year as three years ago. I found that when I started treating myself like I would treat a partner, that I was happy. I started going to yoga regularly, getting more sleep, eating better, drinking less, and taking time to be with myself.

Now is a good time to remind myself of the value of that view and how much joy it brought me. Perhaps my relationship with myself has become a bit stagnant, a bit confrontational. It’s time to renew my commitment.

This year, October 17th is on a Wednesday, but I will make sure to find some time in there for my commitment renewal. A new ring? A gift to my beloved? A special night out? Who knows how I will surprise myself when that night comes!