152- The Darkness Behind Us

Sometimes, there is that feeling of the dark behind us, the darkness that follows us everywhere, that sometimes peeks over our shoulder, threatening to look us in the face.

It is the cave we will not look into, for fear of what lies in the shadows. Despite our fear, we turn our back to the cave, allowing the fear of the unknown to encroach on us, to drive us to distraction.

What lies in the cave of loneliness? Anger? Depression?

It is that which is too dark, and it drives us to fill our voids with whatever will keep our back to the cave. Grasping for that which is outside of us, we seek the light which we think will make the dark either go away, or make it easier to deal with.

“Everything will be  better when I lose the weight”

“My relationship will be better when…”

“My job will be more enjoyable when I get that promotion.”

All will be better when…  ….   ….. when what?

We don’t want to face the shadow, so we plan for the future. We look ahead, out on the horizon, for something brilliant, something comforting, something to strive for.

“If I have a goal, then I don’t have to deal with that darkness lurking over my shoulder. I can look ahead, look out of myself and into the future. Certainly, the beauty of that which we strive for will save us from the uncomfortable feeling of the darkness behind us.”

That shadow we keep turning away from is inside of us. We can’t escape it, and buried deep in those shadows is treasure. There is gold buried in that cave, if you only dare to venture in. Take the light of compassion to guide you. Compassion will never let you down.

Have compassion for your fears, your insecurities and self-criticism, and your anger, all of which keep us from living the life we want so badly. The torch of compassion will shine awareness and love on our shadows, and we will find that deep in that cave is our inner child, waiting to be seen and heard, waiting for your compassion.

All of our shadows are born out of the past. Shine light on them, realize the root of them, and shatter the illusion you have created within your heart and mind that you are less than divine.

I am going in now…will you follow me?