Effortless Cleaning

Well, I decided to do another day of the Year to Clear.

Even though I am 30 days behind, I am just doing what I can and what feels good. The goal is awareness, not just completing it “on time”. So, Day 26 is about moving things, moving stuck energy.

This was the message:

‘Moving things from one place to another – clothes from floor to drawer, dishes to dishwasher, attic treasures to Goodwill – moves stuck energy.

What is one thing you can move (clear) for one minute right now that could release some stuck energy?

What is one thing you can move (clear) for one minute today without judging it – or you – as bad?’

I started to put away dishes and straighten up the kitchen. I do it day in, day out. And while I rinsed dirty bowls and placed them carefully in the dishwasher, and closed cupboards and rinsed the sink, I remembered a few mornings ago, when I woke up, stumbled downstairs and started the coffee. While it was brewing, I simply put away all the liquor bottles from a cocktail party a couple weeks prior. They were new, so I had’t created a place for them.

I didn’t think about how much work it would take, and I didn’t berate myself for not having done it sooner. And it was SO EASY. Completely effortless and without thought.

It suddenly dawned on me. Often, the reason we don’t do things like clean up clothes, or mop or sweep, or any of those things that just seem to suck for whatever reason, is because we criticize ourselves for not doing it, or not doing it right, or letting the clutter happen in the first place, or whatever stupid freaking criticism or guilt trip our meanie inside decides to lay on us.

And it’s unnecessary. And it doesn’t help. And it stalls progress.

And it’s hard, at first, to move that stuck energy, but once you call out the inner meanie for what it is and approach your surroundings and relationships with compassion, it all becomes easier, bit by cleared bit.