How It Started

Those who live on Maui will often say that manifestation happens faster here. Perhaps it’s just the dynamics of being on an island, or perhaps it really is an energy vortex, way out in the middle of the Pacific. Regardless, it sure is true for me.

Before I moved to Maui in October of 2010, I was battling the concept and role of Truth in my life. Through my failed relationships, the common thread seemed to be honesty, and through my last marriage, I realized one must be brutally honest with oneself in order to be able to know the Truth of any relationship, including the one with ourselves.

I came to Maui for a job, but deep down I knew it was really to heal. The person I had become in my hometown over the 10 years of college was my prison guard. The gypsy and vagabond in me yearned to break free from the type A, goal-oriented seeker of affirmation I had become. Through living on Maui, I have felt a comfort and support in the natural process of Life that I never had before.

I am on the edge of a huge transformation, and I feel that daily intention on living my Truth will help me break that barrier, free myself from my cocoon, and live the life of abundance I am capable of. Sharing that process in my previous blog has been fulfilling for me, and I found that the more vulnerable and raw my posts were, the more I touched my readers.

I always seek to learn the lesson in everything adverse and strive to keep moving forward and upward. Hopefully, I can lift some people along the way.

‘When you’re smilin’, the whole world smiles with you…’