20- Blow Away The Facade

Amazing the changes in my life lately! As I concentrate more and more on living my truth, I am finding my world collapsing around me. I am cut off from a potential job on a grant I have been waiting and waiting to hear back on. My income was removed, and I have no job, and my business is too young and not yet sustainable. Today, I was told I have to vacate my home. Yet, I have no job.

Yes, with each notice I originally panicked, but after the notice to vacate, I felt ecstatic! It’s as if the facade of what I thought I had to be is crumbling down, revealing the truth beneath. I am forced to simplify, simplify, simplify right now. I don’t have resources to distract myself.

I talked to my daughter tonight about perspective, and how perception is really is everything. On the surface, it would seem that my world is in shambles, but when I look at the timing of certain other events in my life, things are lined up just right. If I believe that my world is truly falling apart, then I won’t be able to see all the opportunities laid right out in front of me.

I feel that many of the opportunities that had presented themselves to me were, in retrospect, good for the short term but holding me back long term. Now that all three of them will be gone, I can start fresh.