93- Love Sandwich

I shared a beautiful heart-warming experience this morning. We have some houseguests here for a few days, and one of them is a wonderful, energetic, earthen nymph. She is one of those people very comfortable with who she is, who when you lock eyes, you go into a distinctly shared space.

She tells me that I have dolphin energy, and that I give heartfelt hugs. I don’t often have people compliment my hugs, but it was nice to hear that she felt what I am opening to her. She urged her cousin to hug me, and at first it felt much like hugging my daughter, who has more earthiness to her than I do. Then, I noticed a ball of heat in our chests, where my heart was, and we just stayed there, feeling the moment.

Then we did a group hug, and then a sandwich hug with four of us. The cousin and I were squeezed in the middle, and then we all breathed in unison, one big full, life-affirming breath, expanding in all directions.

The nymph and I touched foreheads and melted in. I could feel all of our bodies melt into each other, dissolving that which divided us. Letting the mind drift away as I was brought into awareness of the energy we shared. We finished with a unified Om…..and the vibration was joyous!