25- Birthday

Tonight I was reminded of what wonderful people I have in my life. After a tense day of travel on Oahu with my daughter, we arrived at the airport and were happy to find that my car started. It has been making some awful sounds lately that worry me. On the way home, I remembered it was my friend Celeste’s birthday party tonight in Maui Meadows. I figured I had an hour there, so headed on over.

I walked in while presents were being unwrapped, and Celeste, sporting a bustier decorated with blue feathers and other assorted bling, turned and exclaimed to everyone in the room, “This is Amy!!” She is such a joyful person, and it is amazing to have that kind of positive energy poured your way. She is always genuinely happy to see me, and that’s refreshing and uplifting.

The people were highly varied in their backgrounds, ages, etc, but there was definitely a shared appreciation for the love and acceptance of friends. Celeste exclaimed how happy she was to be surrounded by so much sweet, loving energy. She was right. Everyone there was happy and loving.

Keely went from melancholy and moody to bright, bouncy and goofy upon meeting the younger folk there. Conversation between myself and others was light and interesting, and I even got to dance salsa and swing with my friend Shahido, with a captive audience cheering us on!

Tonight, I not only went from dull and dreary to hyper and happy, I also made a point to go see friends and make new ones. It only took an hour, and even though I didn’t have a gift, I knew Celeste wouldn’t care.

No matter what your mood, I would say that surrounding yourself with happy, shiny people is the way to go.