98- Failure is not in my vocabulary

If you think you can’t, then you are right.

This has been one of my favorite quotes for many years. I used to worry so much about whether or not I could do something. The fear of failure often, I feel, caused me to “fail”.

I was great at getting the good grades, but often doubted my physical abilities, or my ability to sustain certain levels of achievement. I only doubted because I held myself to such high standards that I would almost certainly “fail.” It takes a rare person that can hold such high standards for an extended period without crumbling, and crumble is what I did.

Now, I allow myself the freedom to envision myself succeeding.

Does doubt enter my mind? Of course it does!

Do I embody it? Absolutely not!

For something I have never done, I don’t know what succeeding looks or feels like. I open my mind to the possibility of something entirely new. Surrender to the moment, commit to the action, and do not be attached to the outcome.

I don’t feel that there is any such thing as failure. Even if someone does not succeed at something, as long as they put their best efforts into it, or admit why they didn’t and move on, failure does not apply.

Is there something you are afraid to do because you have never done it? Well, you don’t know until you try. Whether it’s slacklining, writing a business plan, or meditating, open and surrender. Trust your body and mind, and you may be surprised.

What are you going to tackle today? I would love to hear about your venture, whether big or small.