11- Prioritize to Plan Your Dreams

Running around like a chicken with its head cut off

“I have so much to do.”

I find myself saying this, and I am sure you do, or know someone who does. We always have things to do, right? Well, balancing where we put our energies is critical in achieving and maintaining balance in our lives. Yesterday, I went to a Physician Workforce Summit on Oahu, and the speaker Kyu Rhee brought up a few things of Stephen Covey’s, including the “4 Quadrants.”

He simplifies tasks using two qualifications: Urgent and Important. In four quadrants, you have: 4 -Not Urgent & Not Important (e.g. Facebook); 3 -Urgent & Not Important (e.g. phone calls you don’t have to take); 1-Urgent & Important (e.g. important deadlines); 2-Not Urgent & Important. This last one is where the planning happens. This is where we set the foundation for future success.

I realized I have been spending too much time thinking that several tasks were Urgent & Important, when they really aren’t that urgent. They are, but prioritization is key! My life has been filled with anxiety because of all of these tasks requiring my attention ASAP. I do have some fires to put out, but I intend to be more cognizant from now on of what quadrant I am in.

What quadrant do you tend to be in? Do you do laundry to avoid paying bills? That’s being in quadrant 4, when it’s probably best to be in quadrant 2 (unless your bills are due tomorrow). Find yourself wasting time on Facebook? That’s a quadrant 4 activity, which means you probably have time for quadrant 2 activity.

Put down your mouse, get out your book and start planning your dream!