65- Hidden Connections Part One

“A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.” ~Heraclitus (c.536-470 BC) 

When one is open to the possibilities of interpersonal connection and does not judge, the possibilities are endless. I experienced deep connection with people both last night and today on a level I never would have imagined.

“Nature loves to hide.” ~ Heraclitus (c.536-470 BC)

I don’t so much know that Nature hides, but peoples’ natures are “hidden” to people who judge what they see and hear. Today, I visited the local shelter, and outside sat a man that was clean but had obviously experienced rough times. There was a perceived edge to him that would have normally made me wary. Yet, he kindly offered me a seat next to him. If judging, I would have said, “No, thank you.” Instead, I accepted his offer, and I was rewarded with a gift.

This man introduced himself to me and said very proudly that he really liked the shelter. “They have NA/AA meetings here.” He then shared with me that today he was graduating from Aloha House, a center for addiction and mental health treatment. They were having a ceremony, and he was writing his speech.

What an honor to share in his special day! What an accomplishment to come through addiction and sit and say that “Today is a good day.”

He shared that his nickname is Gemini, and he proceeded to share a poem and a picture he drew, which led to conversation about the cosmos. His comfort in admitting his prior addiction and tendency toward major depression, along with his almost childlike enthusiasm for sharing what was special to him, was an absolute gift.

If I had not been open to hearing from this person, or if I had judged him for being a prior addict, I would not have been able to share his enthusiasm and joy. Because I was open, my day was brightened by his joy and love for the second chance he has afforded himself.