68- Masculine feminine

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I have been meeting some amazing people lately, and I am noticing a vastly different way of connecting; a way of connecting that gives me insight into how I act in the world.

From an early age, I was Daddy’s little girl, but not the spoiled brat most people think of. I learned to use my feminine wiles in a subtle way. As I grew up, I learned all too well the power of the feminine, for better and worse.

Using my sexuality to attract men for both business and pleasure became natural over the years. It’s something you turn on, kind of like men who turn on their “charm.” The problem is that it is something you turn on or off in response to a certain type of person.

Clap on, clap off.

Robert: Ever notice there’s the word “mask” in masculine? And also “ass”?
Paul: And in feminine?
Robert: Nothing.

Quote from Masculin féminin (1966)

As I spend more time with conscious individuals, and men who embrace their feminine side, I find the exchange much more about…..well, exchange. It’s not so much role playing, which I guess I have been engaging in much more than I like to admit.

I envision exchanges where the roles we play are completely shed, where the outer expression of gender is merely an instrument to express the inner forces of masculine and feminine we each possess.

When I look beyond the gender, I unmask my partner in the moment. The soul is gender-less, as is the heart. How would it be to look at someone and see beyond their gender, act beyond our ingrained reactions, thoughts, judgements, and perpetuation of the play?

What if making love had nothing to do with sex at all, but rather loving wholly any and every aspect of a human being, regardless of gender?

Can you envision it?

Top or bottom? How about in the middle?

Young girls have been spoiled by romantic fairly tales. Our patriarchal society has served to polarize the sexes based on their outward expression.

And we play our roles.

And all this I see as I slowly shed my role, as I let go and let myself just BE. As I surround myself with loving, conscious individuals, I am safe to shed the red riding hood and stop being prey to the male wolf.

Are you aware of how you play into the role of “woman” or “man”?

Do you feel more at ease when you are not in a role?