123-Rumi Poetry is Dangerous

Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it. ~Rumi

Life is not a Disney ride. Just because you went and rode “It’s a Small World” doesn’t mean you visited the world or have any insight into the many cultures of the world.

Interesting how this came to my attention just after writing on Spiritual Virality, where I expressed concern about people feeling that they are leading a spiritual life because they are spreading the positive messages in all these Picture Quotes on the internet.

I do realize that we see what we are focused on (Law of Attraction), so I was probably more attuned to this Rumi quote. I also love that I came to this thought on my own, not after reading Rumi. That right there is the difference between experiencing it on your own, or coming to your own conclusion through genuine curiosity and introspection.

Therein lies the danger of scripture as well. When one can quote any number of scriptures and recite the correct sections applicable to any given situation, they are seen as evolved. They are just studious. When they have done enough introspection and Deep Internal Work to come up with these things on their own, to have those AHA! moments, then they are evolved.

Of course, these writings are wonderful ways of inspiring us to lead happier lives and can help point the way, but we must do the walking along the path.