122- On Not Being the Kink in the Weave

It is in meditation where we can hear the ego try and convince us that love is limited, including our own, that we are not capable of action and love. The higher Self can then talk to the self, reminding it that no action is necessary, and that anything of genuine nature is not action.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Thus, for any action, there will be a reaction in the world. What if true BEing didn’t require action in the sense that we do not disturb the fabric of the world around us? Is spreading love genuinely and organically action? Will we get an opposite reaction? Most likely not. So then, action would be something derived from a place of a seeming lack of abundance.

That which comes from source returns to source. We cannot separate from source, but we can ruffle it. We can put a kink in the weave with our ego, which manifests as anger, depression, revenge, and any number of false views of the world.

So, I sit with this, having only heard it before, and now I am getting small glimpses of the reality of this, of the implication in my life.