125- Uncertainty and Insecurity

My friend recently brought up something interesting that got me thinking.

He said that Uncertainty leads to Insecurity, and that what people do is try and control things to avoid the uncertainty so they don’t feel insecure. He then talked about being okay with uncertainty, such as when you accept and embrace uncertainty, but that doesn’t fully make sense in light of the initial statement. If uncertainty leads to insecurity, then how can you be uncertain and not feel insecure about it?

So the crucial part I feel was missed was that uncertainty only occurs when we feel insecure in ourselves, and we are uncertain because we are looking for an outside source of security. If we are looking outside ourselves for security, inevitably we will feel insecure. We have no control over any factors outside of ourselves.

One must feel secure in himself in order to not feel insecurity as a result of uncertainty. It’s the chasing after that external aspect of certainty and/or security that creates the whole downward spiral, the rabbit hole, the hamster wheel we so often find ourselves on as human beings. When we can trust ourselves to handle life, and know that we can handle anything life throws at us, then we have no reason to feel insecure. We can be certain that we can catch ourselves no matter what.

So, what do we need to do?

Be our own best friend. Develop trust within ourselves, work through our emotional baggage, lighten the load, and Trust.