Hurricane Sandy Deployment – Day 7

Groundhog Day here, meaning every day runs into the next. I have my uniform, which is khaki BDU pants, black boots, and a blue HI- DMAT shirt. Other than that, I have one pair of pants I have worn, and 4 base layer shirts. I spend most of my day between our sleeping room, the cafeteria, and the pharmacy tent. Since they moved the coffee and snacks to the lounge, I don’t get many visitors. And every day it’s cold. Waa…

So, one way to shake things up is to do in-service! Thankfully, part of the pharmacy tent is sectioned off and perfect for classes. Today, they had a class on suturing. Raw chicken breasts were laid out and cut, then 4 students learned proper technique. Granted, they weren’t dealing with swollen, bleeding flesh, but it was pretty close.

They also had a class on using the LifePak. One thing I love about these classes is that I get really great cross-training and an insight into some of the work and lingo of the “other side.”

Check it out:


Raw breasts, all cut and ready to be sutured


Dr. Little, making sure the students start off on the right foot




Rob of Hawaii DMAT showing off his mad suturing skillz


Marc and Lahela, diligent students from Hawaii DMAT



Rob shows off his handiwork, as he should!


In-service on the LifePak, with Perky Paramedic Patty on the leads, Marc as trainer, and Lahela documenting