Hurricane Sandy Deployment – Day 6

Today, I could feel the tension starting to build. We are at about the halfway point, the impending holiday is ahead of us, and people are tired and cold. Even the patients seemed more on edge today. We had a kid that just didn’t want a procedure done. The child was screaming and kicking so much that they had to move the procedure to the pharmacy tent, where there is a small section that can be closed off. It didn’t bother me. I changed my Pandora station first to Disney songs, and then to lullaby songs. I don’t know if it helped, but it was the least I could do.


Yep, that’s me! Your Friendly Pharmacist.


Just for funsies

Some people are demobilizing tomorrow, so they get to spend the holiday with their family. It was the perfect time for our leadership to have the Commander’s BBQ. Not only did they have a BBQ, they also brought in some local people to do chair massages. I cranked the Hawaiian music in the pharmacy, where the massages overflowed to, hoping that would help set the mood a bit. Even with the food, music, laughter and massage, meltdowns were occurring…..



Rob (aka SuperSnore or GQ), being his charming self


Mark was due for a massage


Lahela missed being with her daughter for her birthday, but she celebrated nonetheless


So much meat….


So many desserts I can’t eat… I would say that’s a good thing.


Real cannolli…. I risked the gluten intake to have one of these