40 and Scrumptious

Tonight, I feel scrumptious. I haven’t used that word in ages, and I couldn’t think of another way of describing how I feel. Two days ago, I fell in love with tango. The next day, I bought these beautiful shoes, but not until I had tried every dance shoe place in town and then went and spent $100 at Macy’s on heels that “would do.” Then, a salsa dancer who sells actual dance shoes got back to me with a spectacular pair, for $50.

So, I of course had to go out to find a shirt to wear with them. I mean, tango is classy, so I didn’t want to wear just anything to the milonga tonight. I shopped for a couple hours and could find nothing that worked. Everything was too short, too long, too hot, too casual or had sequins or something that doesn’t work for close up partner dancing. I wanted to wear something that my partner would want to touch.

Tango is so sensual…not sexual, but sensual. I want to feel soft and silky, both to me and to my partner. The last place I went to, I ended up finding 3 shirts. One is this light sand/gold color, velvety and long with a sateen collar. It’s gorgeous, just a tad see-through, and classy as hell. I showered and had freshly washed and blow-dried hair, fresh makeup, my Tainted Love perfume, a shiny necklace and matching earrings, slim fit and comfy black pants and kicky black boots. I felt powder-soft, luxurious, sophisticated, and downright scrumptious.

For the first time since I turned 40, I felt like a wiser, youthful, independent, sassy, confident and gorgeous woman. Tonight, I embraced how I looked, how I dressed, and how I felt with 100% confidence and ease. Scrumptious and loving it!