61- Cosmic

My therapist called me today and said that I should consider a ritual tonight with my daughter. Little did I know that the lunar eclipse tonight is something very special and rare, and the planets have not been aligned like this for 26,000 years.

She said that tonight is the time to take all of our pains and anything that has been holding us back, write it all down, and then burn it during the eclipse, releasing it forever. She referred me to TheCosmicPath.com, which explains much of the background and significance.

I will reflect later, but for now I am excited to dive into what has been weighing me down my whole life, and release it all forever, together with my daughter on a little beach in the middle of the Pacific…

To be continued….

An excerpt from TheCosmicPath.com:

Sacred Ceremony

So, if you really are choosing to live in alignment with the movement of the Planets and Stars, if you really are open to maximising the opportunities that 2012 astrology and astronomy gifts us all – then this is the weekend to take out your journals or notebooks, set aside some quality ‘me’ time, and write down all that which you are ready to let go of, forgive and release.

Write on paper that can be removed from your journal or notebook. Once you have everything written down over the course of the weekend, (you don’t need to do it all in one sitting as you can go back to it again and again), then, either on Sunday night, or at the actual time of the Full Moon/Eclipse in your time zone (for example; UK 12.11 and CET 13.11) on Monday, create sacred space beneath the Moon, the Stars, or the Sun, in your garden, the woods, or somewhere private, safe and quiet and, in absolute mindfulness, burn the paper on which you have written your unhealed memories.

Observe the paper lifting into the air as it burns, notice the smoke rising towards the Heavens and visualise the past dissolving, transmuting and clearing in the flames, the sacred smoke, and, in your mind’s eye, into pure Light. You may say any consciously chosen words that support release, dissolution and transmutation if this feels appropriate.

All that we are able to release during the May 20th/June 4th Eclipse Window, and most especially what we consciously release on June 4th, is in preparation for the profoundly auspicious and extremely rare Venus Transit that will occur on 06.06.12, of which I shall write of in the days leading up to it.