66- Hidden Connections Part Two

“A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one.” ~Heraclitus (c.536-470 BC) Hidden_iceburg

Last night, I experienced deep physical connection with someone I had only “known” for a few minutes.

I ventured again to The Studio Maui for their 5Rhythms class, knowing that it may be the last one I get to enjoy there. Tuesday I had a cup of kombucha before the class and so enjoyed it, that I repeated the ritual last night. While imbibing my fizzy love drink, I was approached by someone I had seen often in the class and had admired as someone very “zen.”

He was tall, thin, and angular, with long salt-and-pepper hair pulled neatly into a braid. Despite his angular features, he had a gentleness about him suggestive of walking on lotus leaves.

Upon answering his questions and exchanging dialogue, I was pleasantly surprised at how grounded and clear my body and my voice were. There was no hesitation in my responses, nor judgement, just the embodiment of my true self.

It turns out we have a mutual connection through dance, as he used to teach contact improvisation in Santa Fe, and I used to dance in Albuquerque. We both took class with Bill Evans, so it’s possible we took class together, but hard to know. Bill Evans was one of my favorites, and to know that we both took Movement Analysis class from him forged a quick movement bond.

We finished up our conversation and entered the already bustling room of movers.

“There are things known, and there are things unknown, And in between are the Doors.” ~ Jim Morrison

I felt a bit off, not quite moved to expression right away. The room was already so full, and some of the people already frenetic in their movement. It didn’t take long for my new “zen friend” to find me and offer his hand in an understood gesture of invitation to share in the dance.

Knowing his background, I immediately trusted his ability to read me and to respond, and we started what must have been a half hour of continuous connection. We started with delicate hands, then elbows and arms, coming together, pulling apart, curling in and furling out. Our bodies both mirrored each other and opposed each other, all in harmony with the breath, intent, and quality of the movements.

We saw each other, we heard each other. We breathed together, and we felt each other. Two beings in love with movement, sharing and celebrating each other’s joy one moment at a time.

We closed our eyes and felt the calm energy, the nurturing as my head nestled into his arm, and then settled gently into his hand, as I entrusted him to hold me as I fell gently, slowly backward.

Absolute trust, absolute respect. Breath and harmony. There is nothing quite like it I have experienced before.

When people are open and trusting of themselves, they are then able to experience deep connection with others in the same space.

As I trust myself more and open to the beauty life offers me, my experience of myself and others deepens.

As I venture into the unknown, doors open to another, more joyful, way of being.