115- Moon Prayer


Candles flicker, tickling my mind, which resists surrender to my body’s exhaustion.

Flickers swell into a giant moonbeam soft and bright from the window behind my pillow.

My divine self reflected back at me through the full moon’s brilliance.

It’s light touches my crown, like a mother to a child, like a saint to a disciple, a healer to the wounded.

“Take away my fear and doubts, for I know they are false.”

“Show me my divine light so that I may always remember your brilliance, there in the sky at night, merely hidden in the sun’s light during the day. Always there, always me.”

Fear, doubt, anger, shame vanish in the light of the full moon. Emotions that weigh on my being, creasing my forehead, tightening my brow, my eyes, my lips.

Turning inward to my third eye, drinking in the healing light, these tensions melt away.

My face becomes the moon- round, brilliant, timeless.

I surrender to the light, to divinity.