123-Rumi Poetry is Dangerous


Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it. ~Rumi Life is not a Disney ride. Just because you went and rode “It’s a Small World” doesn’t … Continue reading


120- Does This Facebook Post Make Me Look Spiritual?


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I want to talk about all of these viral pictures with positive affirmations, spiritual quotes, etc. Yes, Picture Quotes. You know the ones on Facebook with quotes from Rumi, Osho, Buddha, and anyone who is quotable. Perhaps you have re-posted … Continue reading


115- Moon Prayer


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Sleepless Candles flicker, tickling my mind, which resists surrender to my body’s exhaustion. Flickers swell into a giant moonbeam soft and bright from the window behind my pillow. My divine self reflected back at me through the full moon’s brilliance. … Continue reading


114- Through The Window

Walking holograms

Like the guards at the Queen of Heart’s castle,

They walk.

Flickering holograms, transparent to those who see.

Different from each of infinite angles.

Windows, the view through clouded by our own reflections.

A bright hologram, a window I can see through,

my beloved.

Where only I exist, where I meet the Beloved

In bliss, joy, boundless Love.

And windows get dirty, clouded by our own projections

And it is hard for others to see through

To meet the Beloved with you

In that space through the hologram, beyond the window.


106- How is it?


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How is it that a strong woman Feels vulnerable like a child? Scared, alone, unsure, adrift How can one endure so much And still doubt? Divine light one day, Childlike insecurities the next. Tears flow down my cheek, Carrying the … Continue reading


105- So Full

I am full, oh so full

But not uncomfortably so.

No need to loosen my pants,

No indigestion.

Just a filling up of my heart

Letting out a sigh of relief

From the fullness of our steaming cup of love.

We sip together, nose to nose,

or separately, alternating between offering and receiving.

Settling in, digesting all the goodness.

My cup runneth over.


84- Seeds they are a flyin’


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Okay, I admit I am borrowing this material, but it captures something that I love. It captures a huge part of the reason I blog, why I always attempt to be raw, transparent and honest in my blogs. As I … Continue reading


77- Tar Baby

The battle within

A part of me crops up, like a spoiled child, wanting its way

A baby born out of the want for love, need for affirmation, the drive to seek acceptance

Born out of lack of love, security, fulfillment, awareness, acceptance

It is the self turned against Self

What do you want, and why won’t you go away? How can I know of understanding and acceptance and love, and yet not feel it?

The black voice, oozing in between the rays of golden light, like tar

Telling me I am not worthy, I will forever be alone, I will never be good enough, no one will love me unconditionally

Like tar, the more I try and clear it, the more it smears across my life


76- In the middle

In the middle, the juncture

The place where the words of loved ones battle for a place in my life

Let them battle. Let them have their say. I will not choose to follow either

Guided by more, I can no longer be the chameleon

Love meets judgement

In my inner child’s heart

A figment, a remnant of the falsehood I once embraced

Finding my way through a hall of mirrors

‘Incompetent, failure, false, shame, fear, judgement, guilt’

‘Joy, capable, competent, trustworthy, real, acceptance, Love…’

One reflection has no labels and looks nothing like Me, but feels like ME

In this mirror is All, a million stars, a love so expansive, it breaks all boundaries and yet holds All tenderly

Black shadows dancing, swirling, lunging, only to burst into a million more stars, and then a million more

Until all I know is All


71- I feel you

Love knows no separation.

My chest expands, my cheeks flush.

Electric passion courses up my spine, around my head, and up to the heavens, lifting my heart and lips in blissful smiles, blissful sighs.

When I close my eyes, I feel you.

When you touch me, I am seen.

Two souls dancing in the candlelight, caressing the space of one unified heart.

We breathe as one, bending, surrendering, supporting.


Mid-night reverie, cartwheels under the stars.

My heart is overflowing into song!

I feel you.

I am you.