2- Holy Affirmation Batman!

I wish I could capture my thoughts as they come, but reflection will just have to do for now.

I set out this morning on a short run, hoping that thoughts would flow freely and allow for more clarity.

Instead, I experienced multiple affirmations, ideas and realizations. Within a couple blocks of jogging out of my neighborhood, I felt powerful. I don’t mean that in a muscular sense, but rather I was reconnecting with the world and experiencing the power in that. After a month of being sick and inactive, I was floored by the power of a simple jog.

2012-04-06 11.11.58
I was setting my foot firmly in this world, moving in this world. It was not to increase fitness, or to burn calories, or to run away from my life. My jog was a beautiful affirmation of my presence and my part in this world. With each footstep, I felt more and more how I fit in this reality.

There were no goals, no DOing. No self-criticisms, just BEing. Sure, I noticed the extra jiggle gained from a month of inactivity. Yes, I noticed it hurt and I wasn’t comfortable running the whole way. Did it matter? Not. One. Bit.

BEing is timeless. My eyes caught a pink hyacinth nestled in a long wall of foliage. I stopped, but did not pluck. Commencing running, the foliage swept by me, mesmerizing me, and I was brought back to my childhood when my friends and I used to hunt for ant lions. They are funny little creatures, and we would look for hours in the dust under bushes.

Coming up the hill to my house, the clear sound of a wind chime floated through the breeze, reflecting the stillness in nature.

Affirmations, ideas for promoting my business (right down to who, how, and what the Excel layout would be), and a sense of timelessness in a time of my life when time is truly of the essence. This all in a period of thirty minutes.