42- I Need Your Feedback

I could use a favor from you.

This job market is tough, and I am assessing where my strengths and weaknesses are.

I also am seeking to live more in my Truth, which means facing how I come across to others, and how I fit into this world, which may be very different than I wish or perceive.

Here is what I am asking, which should only take a minute.

Here’s your chance to say it like it is!

Whether you have met me or have only read my blogs, could you answer the following questions? Feel free to do it anonymously in my comment section, or send me a direct email to Amy (at) daily-dharma (dot) com.

1. What have I shared or done, if anything, that has helped you? It could be material, praise, inspiration, advice, etc.

2. What have I shared or done, if anything, that has hurt or offended you? I am looking for constructive criticism here. If you can speak your truth from you heart, I want to know if I have hurt you and if I can remedy that in some way. (If you are looking to slander me, don’t bother. Contact me directly so we can work it out)

3. Do you see anything incongruent in my actions that you can bring to my attention?

Many, many thanks in advance for any feedback you have! No matter what your feedback, I will say Thank You, for truly the best gift is to be seen, and giving honest feedback is not easy.