43- If you are Me, and I am You, What Are We?

At first, I had no thoughts, no energy for thoughts tonight. That’s purely because I have so many lately, that I am tired of thinking ….BUT, I had a fun realization yesterday, and I will see if I can illustrate it here.

In counseling, I often hear of the people in my life being my mirrors. If you think of an actual mirror, there is no other person. Only you. What you see in that mirror is based on your view of the reflection, your view of yourself.

One common example of how this is used in counseling is someone complaining of finding herself continually engaging in relationships with men who can’t give her the love she needs. The mirror of that is that she can’t give HERSELF the love she needs.

Truly, if someone can’t value themselves enough to give themselves love, how can they even know what that is like from another person? They can’t even receive it.

I digress.

So, I pictured everyone in my life as truly just a reflection of me, as if they were all mirrors. In fact, I saw everything as a reflection of me. But, if that is true for me, then it is true for others. All the people in their lives are their reflections, and everything they encounter is a reflection of them, and they reflect everyone around them. So I am also a reflection of everything around me.

Our world is our mirror. We are all reflections of each other, and if we are all simply reflecting ourselves in others, and others to themselves, then we are all One.

At some point, you look around at all these mirrors and realize it is all just one divine entity reflected in infinite ways.