52- Vagabond

It seems I am a day late on this post! Whoops! My daughter and I were having a great conversation last night about different types of personalities, but specifically narcissists. I know, odd conversation.

Tonight, I celebrate with friends in my space one last time before I move out. I have such amazing friends! They are yoginis (including acro yoga), hoop dancers, musicians (guitar and violin), dancers, singers, and all around creative peeps.

We are celebrating each other, and the wonderful freedom of allowing our lives to unfold naturally, despite how scary that may be at times.

Going through my emails today, I found this pic from a friend. Oh, how true it is!

“Where you travel next is up to you”

Hence, the Vagabond theme of my party. I don’t know where I am going yet. Part of me is scared, and more of me is excited, because I see a huge unfolding of potential for joy ahead of me.