121- The Ego Tells Us Love is Limited

If you employ greedy thoughts in your doing of good works, this is what’s known as a case of the seeds being impure. If you use a mind which takes pleasure in supremacy over others in the doing of good works, this too is a case of the seeds being impure. Then what is one to do? One just needs to be “free of any particular motives in one’s actions.” Whatever we are doing, it’s just our basic responsibility. Don’t engage in externally-directed seeking. Don’t have anything which you are seeking to get out of it.

-from Daily Dharma Gems

When I saw the post above, it reminded me of my post on Spiritual Virality, where I talked about posting picture quotes with the intent of either seeming spiritual, or of sharing a message that you hope someone will see, or of putting your company name on it and spreading “the word” for the sake of promoting your business.

When one gets down to it, how do we ever act from a place of no motives? It’s tough, certainly. I know that when I am feeling truly loving, and simply want to share that love, I have no motive. My whole body sings, and I feel the love well up from the ground all the way to my heart, and sometimes straight through the crown of my head. I want nothing in return, and I am not attached to the response of the other(s).

It is when I am fully present, and the ego is not speaking to me. The ego is what tells us we need to get something out of what we do, for the ego says that everything is limited. It’s in survivalist mode.

When we come from a place of abundance, where we acknowledge that the world truly provides us with all that we need, that we need not do anything other than just BE in order to have the love we so desire, then love flows through us.

That is because we are love.