140- Friendship is Unnecessary

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival.”
– C. S. Lewis


I haven’t had enough friend time with my crazy schedule. I also needed to be alone more, and was happy I honored that. I didn’t realize until my partner left on a trip that I am rarely ever alone, and for once in my life, I am embracing that time. Too much time in solitude, though, somehow freezes one’s development.

Last night, my dear friend Amanda came over, and we talked until nearly 1am (6 hours). We hadn’t hung out, just us girls, in months probably. So many wonderful things to share! Life lessons we are learning, funny stories, loving advice…the list goes on. The joys of just making a simple dinner and enjoying the company of someone who is genuinely present are boundless!

I feel like I have been run over this morning due to lack of sleep, but there is also a lightness in me. I am not alone in this world. We all have our struggles and our triumphs, and it is in the sharing of those that we are reminded of our place in the world.

I also noticed my actions, movements, voice, and overall energy more with her here. I was anxious yesterday, and I could sense my energy as a bit frenetic. In talking about things I was not sure about (rambling in a sense), she was having a hard time picking out my words and couldn’t follow me. Granted, I was also moving around while cooking, but the fact that I wasn’t clear on what I was saying was evident in how the words came out…muffled, unclear, too soft, and indirect.

Until I was in her calm presence, I was not completely aware of my lack of centeredness. We are all such wonderful mirrors for each other. Yes, there are those people in your life that are amazing mirrors. They value your viewpoints for what they are, don’t try and change your view, share theirs without you expecting to change yours, and stand facing you, showing you who you truly are, so long as you stop and pay attention.

I am so thank-full for my friends. Blessings to those who walk this path with me. Thank you for sharing your life and love!