11- Prioritize to Plan Your Dreams

Running around like a chicken with its head cut off

“I have so much to do.”

I find myself saying this, and I am sure you do, or know someone who does. We always have things to do, right? Well, balancing where we put our energies is critical in achieving and maintaining balance in our lives. Yesterday, I went to a Physician Workforce Summit on Oahu, and the speaker Kyu Rhee brought up a few things of Stephen Covey’s, including the “4 Quadrants.”

He simplifies tasks using two qualifications: Urgent and Important. In four quadrants, you have: 4 -Not Urgent & Not Important (e.g. Facebook); 3 -Urgent & Not Important (e.g. phone calls you don’t have to take); 1-Urgent & Important (e.g. important deadlines); 2-Not Urgent & Important. This last one is where the planning happens. This is where we set the foundation for future success.

I realized I have been spending too much time thinking that several tasks were Urgent & Important, when they really aren’t that urgent. They are, but prioritization is key! My life has been filled with anxiety because of all of these tasks requiring my attention ASAP. I do have some fires to put out, but I intend to be more cognizant from now on of what quadrant I am in.

What quadrant do you tend to be in? Do you do laundry to avoid paying bills? That’s being in quadrant 4, when it’s probably best to be in quadrant 2 (unless your bills are due tomorrow). Find yourself wasting time on Facebook? That’s a quadrant 4 activity, which means you probably have time for quadrant 2 activity.

Put down your mouse, get out your book and start planning your dream!

  • Innatebliss99

    Important share, Amy. Thanks, again.  Life prioritization is necessary… though in the above rational schematic sense, I am yet postponing the prioritization of my existence, at least insofar as terms that the analytical left-brain considers clear and acceptable… I spoze I tend to lean heavily on the subtler sense that the greater, deeper Mover of life is capable of taking life where it really ought to go…   so my general self-guidance is to relax more, trust more, flow more—to be willing to allow my standings in the competitive world’s rankings to drop, to “lose” the outer world’s esteem on the general business-as-usual gameboard of Monopoly-like external capitalist/materialist  (earth-consuming, -depleting, -polluting) pursuits. I am comforted in the belief/sense that the Real One Creator of this Life knew, and knows, what it is doing with this life, much moreso than what I think I might do with this life.    As such, rather than putting energy into the quadrant-prioritization of my existence, I have tended to lean on some broader principles, such as:     [Mama always said…]:  Trust in your prayers, not in your fears; believe in your dreams, not in your doubts; and if your heart’s not in it, keep your other parts OUT.
    For greater peace of mind, simply resign as General Manager of the Universe.
         What’s the use of building a life, a career, a home, a family… if you don’t have a decent planet to put ’em on?  …and all that you have loved and worked for can be taken at any time?
    Lay not up the treasures of thy heart on earth, where moth and rust corrupt, and thieves break in and steal… rather, lay up the treasures of thy heart in the eternal account which will never be taken from thee.    Friends, family, lovers, relations… these are all like people we meet on a bus journey—everyone gets on at a different stop, everyone gets off at a different stop… the only one who never leaves you, the only one who is always with you, is your own true, innate sublime being…
        As everything is but an apparition, having nothing in reality to do with ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ one may as well burst out in laughter.  – Long Chen Pa
         There is a resplendent Field… out beyond concerns of ‘bad’ or ‘good,’ ‘wrong’ or ‘right,’ ‘dark’ or ‘light’—I’ll meet you there in that Field.  – Rumi

    • Again, your comments are beautiful and enlightening. I think the gist of what you wrote is really what I am thinking of, but with the chaotic speed of my life right now, I only had time and mental energy for a basic post. I like your comments better, as they better reflect what I truly feel is important. Thank you for the reminder!! And thank you for Rumi…always a nice touch in any context. Blessings