153- Holy Past Blast Batman!

Life has been very full lately, largely of stressful things…. really stressful things. Yet, it is all balanced by so much beauty and support, that I honestly can’t complain.

I don’t want to be in crisis mode all of the time, but it really is good at forcing you to look at what you DO have. We are surrounded by that which we attract, and I find myself surrounded by loving, conscious, passionate, creative, brilliant, and supportive individuals. That makes me feel really good about where I am headed in my life, regardless of some of the outer circumstances.

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Two weeks ago, I came up against my past, or rather someone from my past. This person used to trigger every trauma in me, simultaneously. There was a time in my life I felt this Person Of My Past (POMP) had control of my brain. I can’t say much about POMP online, but I can say that if you attract what you are, I have come a LONG way.

Perhaps parts of our past come back so we can make sure we healed that part of ourselves. I feel that parts of my past are healed, and it is nice to know that POMP has zero effect on my internal landscape.

As each past trauma resurfaces, I face it with a new perspective, a stronger heart, mind and soul. With a softer being and a lighter heart, I can embrace the lesson in the painful. In that embrace, the pain dissolves, and all that is left is love and appreciation for what IS, right here and now.