“There is nothing wrong with dating someone. But if you believe you can only experience a state of calmness by being with somebody, this means that you are in a tricky situation, because a dependency exists. This dependency makes you feel anger. It doesn’t matter with whom or with what you are dating: a person, a car, a house or a bank account. If you depend on something outside of yourself to remain at peace, sooner or later, you will be dragged into suffering. Everything that is on the outside is transitory. It’s like a cloud that will always pass by. There is nothing wrong with you celebrating the encounter, but when you try to retain this moment and make it eternal, then you have a problem because the cloud always passes.”

Sri Prem Baba ~ ‘Flower of the Day’ 6/23/12

The following was the response from Angela Drake’s facebook status:

This is why it is divine to be alone… this is why getting self right within is vital… this is why exclusive love is an illusion… this is why being ones own beloved is perfect… this is why spending sacred self time in the reflection of another in a vibrational frequency that is elevated, is a sublime exchange and to walk away whole and in peace simply is a beautiful expression of love... with zero attachment, feeling blessed and content.
Anything and everything that is leaned upon in the outer world is an illusion or a need to fill and inner void. The inners are a sweet place to call home and rest in knowingness that all is in perfect order, then the outer world is a perfect reflection of inner tranquility. me

All of this is a lovely reminder of time with my beloved, and with those beloved in my life who partake in the dance of divine being, who reflect all the beauty we share and bring me closer and closer to my self, my first beloved.

To my beloveds, you live in my heart, always.