80- Dis-Anchored


Sometimes it takes others to point out the obvious to us.Even when the obvious is something we drag in off the ocean floor.

I received a text from my dear friend Celeste. She brightens my life! I didn’t feel well, but eventually decided it would be good for me to get some sun and sand.

When I got there, I couldn’t find her, so I went out snorkeling. It didn’t take long to find a red rope floating to the surface, but lodged under the coral by an anchor. I tried to dislodge the anchor, but it would work without me diving down, and I wasn’t sure I was adept enough at decompressing. I attempted several times to dive straight down, but I couldn’t go all the way, since my ears would not decompress quickly enough.

Above the water to the north, I saw a flag that indicated a diver, so I headed over, thinking I could ask him for assistance. Instead of asking, I took some time to practice my mermaid dives, where I gradually go down, swimming like a mermaid….yes, a dolphin kick. Funny enough, my ears decompressed really well.

Excited by my discovery, I swam back, found the rope again, and in one try approaching a la mermaid, I made it all the way to the ocean floor and dislodged the anchor. Carefully, I bundled the rope as I pulled the anchor up to my belly to carry in to shore.

I saw my friend as I was leaving the beach, the anchor resting heavily in my bag. I told her of my adventure, explaining that, “the rope was tearing apart the coral.” She laughed and said that she was so happy, and how symbolic it was that I took this anchor, removed it and brought it ashore.


1. The more natural, fun way is the best and most efficient way.

2. Our acts are symbolic of our lives. They reflect our internal landscape. Remember this as you move throughout the day.