49- Waiting for the POP

Being in group counseling and hearing about how much everyone hates their parents is really hard for me. All of us parents have guilt. I would guess that most parents feel guilty for anything their child(ren) struggles with, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional.

We parents aren’t perfect, and we tend to recreate the childhood we experienced. Even if the events are completely different, the approach to the child tends to often be similar to what we went through.

The counseling is helping me have more compassion for myself, and I am noticing more compassion for my daughter as well.

I have more patience, which is a good thing, since it seems she hates me now. I mean, really hates me. I figure she is about to pop.

You know when people start expressing emotion, and it usually comes out as bitching about little petty things, and if you listen long enough, they boil over. Either they have a conniption fit and break something (also called a *discharge*), or they have a melt down.

I am waiting for the melt down, because then I might be able to talk to her.

Ah, teenagers. Gotta love them, because if you didn’t, who would?