137- Who Do You Think You Are?

There is nothing to practice.
To know yourself, be yourself.
To be yourself, stop imagining
yourself to be this or that.
Just be. Let your true nature emerge.
Don’t disturb your mind with seeking.

Nisargadatta …. ♥

“Stop imagining yourself to be this or that”…. to stop identifying yourself as any-thing, which is purely the ego. May we all be the student every day. May we always be humble and trust that the other has their answers within them, and until they hear themselves speak that truth, they will not hear our answers.

We are neither “good” nor “bad”, wise nor dumb, virtuous nor sinful. We simply are as we are, perfect, and right where we are meant to be. Where else could we be?
  • Geoff

    I have great difficulty with this good advice. I frequently add labels to myself, and what I do in life. I find it creates a lot of mental clutter, and can lead to unrealistic expectations.

    • Yes, and even when we see it, we still do it. With labels come judgements, and that’s where we really get in trouble. Being altruistic is “good”, but is it always? If we are caretaking others, are we not doing them a disservice? Telling the truth is a “good” thing, but what if you hurt someone unnecessarily with that truth? It’s all in the intention behind it, and I believe that any internal judgement of ourself is completely false and based only in the ego. The heart does not judge.
      Thank you for sharing again!