114- Through The Window

Walking holograms

Like the guards at the Queen of Heart’s castle,

They walk.

Flickering holograms, transparent to those who see.

Different from each of infinite angles.

Windows, the view through clouded by our own reflections.

A bright hologram, a window I can see through,

my beloved.

Where only I exist, where I meet the Beloved

In bliss, joy, boundless Love.

And windows get dirty, clouded by our own projections

And it is hard for others to see through

To meet the Beloved with you

In that space through the hologram, beyond the window.


73- My God-Self Says, “Hell Yes!”

I only wish I could have put it this way, but Yes! YES! YEESSS!

I look forward to the day when the only thing that ignites relationship is two souls calling out to one another, two soul-hearts beating in the same direction, a whisper of longing that bridges one essence to another. I want to want you not because it gratifies my ego, not because you are outwardly beautiful, but because your very presence invites my Godself out of hiding. I want to touch you with my heart on my sleeve, to know chemistry between us that is not gender identified, but that is essence sourced, loves liquid lava flowing from the heart to the genitals to the great beyond. In this love-struck world, relationship will always be experienced as spiritual practice, a devotional expression of our God-self.

from http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/06/dear-divine-feminine-im-sorry-jeff-brown/


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15- Men Play With Barbies,and I Am Not One


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