Starting again

I am not even sure where to start, except that….


Sometimes, we have to take an extended break from something to see how much it fulfills a deep need in our soul.

I took a break from so much that I love, in order to experience a new way of being. I have no complaints. It needed to happen. I needed the break, the fresh start, the time and space to work through so many internal issues that have plagued me (many still do, such is life).

Today, I went to Unity Church here in my new hometown of Ashland, Oregon. I had never been, but was graciously invited by a dear friend. The topic was Death, or rather some of the questions around those last couple weeks of life when someone is transitioning out of his/her body.

The speaker was the author Mary Landberg of Enduring Love: Inspiring Stories of Love and Wisdom at the End of Life. One thing (of many) that stuck with me was her stories of people essentially reliving their life’s passion. She spoke of a gifted quilter “sewing” invisible fabric, a fisherman casting his line into an “imaginary” lake over and over, an Ob/Gyn doctor putting on his gloves and preparing to deliver a baby.

It struck me that they were in this place with, as Mary put it, ‘one foot firmly planted where they are going, and one foot precariously placed in this world.’ And what they chose to act out and to experience are those things in their life that brought them joy.

It is so often the simplest thing that brings us joy, that carries us even to our deathbed. Each person knows what makes their heart sing. I love to dance. I love Truth, and I love to write.

When we are at the crossroad into the unknown and out of this bodily form, what will matter is how we lived. I talk not of regret, but of celebrating now what may seem small, but nothing that makes your heart sing is small. It is what feeds your soul, which in turn feeds the hearts and souls of those around you.

So, I sit here blogging again, because it brings me clarity and joy. I blog not because I want affirmation, but because by sharing our process, we all grow. In my search for truth, I seek greater authenticity. I seek to weed out all that keeps me from being absolutely authentic.

More on that in a future post. There is so much to share, and I am so thrilled to be back!



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83- Have you rototilled your brain lately?

One of the hard parts about being in therapy is that there are so many thoughts that come up throughout the day, you can’t catch them all. When in the process, it’s like a rototill is going through your brain, your heart, your gut, your soul, and it’s tossing up seemingly random bits.

Trying to catch them as they fly by is next to impossible, and perhaps I am not supposed to. Perhaps they will form something else if I let them fall and organize organically. Perhaps what is important is that which is left over. I don’t claim to know, and am simply trusting in the process.

Regardless, I have numerous blog topics come to my mind all day, mini revelations, but they are fleeting, and lately the pen on paper has been more conducive to letting the thoughts flow and allowing that creative child in me to come out.



64- Aloha Friday

Yet again, I have fallen behind on my posts. It seems that thoughts are not quite coming. Or rather, thoughts I feel would benefit you, the reader, are just not formed in my mind right now.

On top of that, my nights are filled, and by the time I sit down to write, I am plain exhausted. I think the planetary events lately have me feeling somewhat drained. I have had some amazing experiences of late, and I would like to share them with you.

I just want to make sure that what I share has value to you, that I am not just throwing my stuff out there with no meaning behind it, other than my own.

Have a blessed Aloha Friday, and catch you soon!


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