36- Gratitude

I have no deep thoughts. But I do have gratitude.

I live a blessed life, and while things right now are a bit up in the air for me, I only see them as a chance to repair and rebuild. I am unemployed and have to move. I have debt from ten years of college following me. I am a single mom of a very talented daughter that I feel has not gotten the attention she needed while I was in school.

Somehow, I need to find income, so that I can find a home and continue to pay off my debt, and support my daughter in her endeavors. Truly, all I can think about is the positive:

– I have time to support myself and my daughter in our counseling, and time to process things so that I can repair myself and repair our relationship.

– I have time to work on building my business and forging connections I may not have had time to pursue if I were in a full-time job.

– I have had financial support here and there, always enough to pay the bills, and I have things I can sell if need be. Money is always there.

– I have amazing friends who love and support me.

– I have turned my back on past partnerships that did not serve me and even hurt me. As a result, doors have opened, and they continue to open.

– I have a loving and supportive family, and while they are far away, I have a phone and email, so I can always find a way to connect.

– I have shelter, and I have friends for when I may not have shelter of my own.

– I have my health, so I can help myself, help my daughter, and help others.

– I live on a beautiful island, a 1/2 mile to the ocean. I swim almost daily with the honu (sea turtle), which is a physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. If you want to feel free like a kid, go swim with the turtles, the whales, the dolphins. If you want to feel supported completely by Mother Earth, immerse yourself in the healing waters of our oceans.

– I have my yoga practice, for which I need no clothes, no mat or special shoes, and no class. I can do it anywhere, anytime, to bring myself more in alignment.

– I have a whole team of healers working with me through my recovery from trauma, holding me in a safe space to let myself break down, heal and understand, and then rebuild.

I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. I am free, despite my burdens. In fact, there is freedom offered through my burdens.

I watched the video below on Oprah.com right before writing this, and it was beautiful to see, hear and experience.

May you find gratitude for everything given to you in life, for every opportunity hidden in loss, for every heart that holds you dear.


Tony Robbins’ Emotional Flood Exercise

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